The Top SEO Trends in 2024 [Survey Results + Video Predictions]


What are the up-and-coming SEO trends to watch for in 2024, and what to do about them?

We did a survey that got 47 answers from SEO professionals from around the world. Here are the key trends that were highlighted by multiple respondents:

The Importance of User Behavior

This trend emphasizes the growing significance of user behavior in SEO, especially in the context of distinguishing between high-quality content and AI-generated content.

Combating the Challenges of Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Some professionals are concerned about the full deployment of SGE and its potential impact on the loss of informational traffic.

Impact of AI on SEO Trends

The acceleration of various trends due to AI, both positive and negative, including issues like content duplication.

Rise of CustomGPTs in SEO

The expectation that customized GPT models will become more popular and integral in SEO strategies and processes.

Shift in Market Share Away from Google

This trend points to a potential shift in market share away from Google due to user distrust or dissatisfaction with SGE, suggesting a meaningful change in the search engine landscape.

These top SEO trends were discussed in a special edition of Crawling Mondays hosted by Aleyda Solis, featuring Lily Ray, Cindy Krum, and Kevin Indig:


Here’s a summary of those key SEO areas to look for in 2024:

Increasing Impact of AI on Content Creation

There’s a notable focus on the role of AI in content creation and how it’s commoditizing content. The need for a balance between AI-generated content and human authorship. This trend suggests a shift towards more sophisticated content strategies that blend AI efficiency with the authenticity and uniqueness of human-generated content.

Authority vs. AI Battle

The ongoing battle between authoritative content and AI-generated material. This indicates a growing need for content that not only ranks well but also maintains a high level of trust and expertise, especially in the face of increasing AI-generated content.

Google’s Evolving Algorithms and Features

The constant evolution of Google’s algorithms and search features. This includes the introduction of new SERP features and changes in Google’s approach to content and SEO. There’s a sense that Google’s changes are continuous and sometimes unpredictable, requiring SEOs to remain agile and adaptable.

Google Shifts Impact on SEOs and Clients

The emotional toll that these rapid and frequent changes can have on both SEO professionals and their clients. This aspect emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to SEO, where professionals should stay informed, while providing proactive communication and setting right expectations, but also avoid overreacting to every minor update or change.

Shifts in Search Results and User Behavior

Changes in search results and how they’re impacting user behavior and clicks. This suggests that SEO strategies need to be dynamic and consider not just rankings but also how search features and user behaviors are evolving.

Traffic Erosion Due to SERP Feature Changes

Traffic erosion as a result of changes in SERP features. This implies a need for SEO strategies that go beyond traditional organic search and consider the broader ecosystem of search features, like snippets, local packs, and others.

These insights reflect a landscape where SEO is becoming more complex and intertwined with broader technological and behavioral trends.

Staying ahead in 2024 will likely require a mix of technical SEO skills, an understanding of AI and machine learning, adaptability to Google’s changes, and a deep understanding of the Website product, user behavior and content authenticity.

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